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Fishing License Information:

A valid fishing license is required for Alabama residents between the ages of 16 and 64 who fish with rod and reel or artificial bait. This license is also required to fish with hook and line outside your county of legal residence. Residents 65 years of age and over are exempt from buying fishing licenses provided the resident has on his/her person while fishing a driver's license or proof of permanent Alabama residence and age. Fishing licenses must be renewed annually. Residents of Alabama may also apply for and buy a lifetime fishing license which requires no renewal.  More information can be obtained at the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Non-residents - All non-residents 16 years of age and older must have a license to fish in the state of Alabama. This license is required for fishing in any public water regardless of tackle used. Non-residents can also obtain a freshwater or saltwater fishing trip license good for seven (7) consecutive days.

Fees - Fees for resident and non-resident fishing licenses are:

Resident Fishing  
Disabled Fishing $ 3.00
Rod & Reel $ 13.10
Saltwater Trip $ 9.70
Saltwater Rod & Reel $ 23.00
Resident Hunting $ 26.20
Non-Resident Fishing
  Annual Trip Saltwater Trip Saltwater Annual
All $50.30 $28.35 $27.30 $49.25
Resident Lifetime        
License Privilege (By Age) Under 2 2-11 12-49 50 & Over
Freshwater Fishing $165.65 $220.60 $275.55 $165.65
Hunting $330.45 $440.30 $550.00 $330.45
Saltwater Fishing $275.55 $330.45 $385.35 $275.55
Hunting & Freshwater Fishing $495.20 $550.00 $769.70 $495.20
Hunting & Saltwater Fishing $604.90 $769.70 $934.45 $604.90
Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing $440.30 $550.00 $659.90 $440.30
Hunting, Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing $769.70 $879.50 $1,154.10 $769.70
Heritage $220.60 $220.60 $220.60 $220.60

Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to Fishing License:

How do I get a fishing license?
You may apply for a fishing license at any Lauderdale County Courthouse.  Many outdoor sports equipment retailers also issue hunting and fishing licenses. You may want to call your retailer for more information.

Do I need to bring any documentation with me to apply for a license?
You will be required to present a valid Alabama driver's license as proof of residency. If you do not have a valid Alabama driver's license, you may present at least two of the following:

  • Certificate of employment

  • Copy of home property tax

  • Copy of previous year's tax return

  • Three months utility bills with mailing address

  • Health insurance card or form with mailing address

  • School registration or student I.D. card

  • Telephone calling card with address

  • Voter registration card

  • Military personnel with an out-of-state driver's license (must have a copy of orders of assignment to Alabama or home of record from Alabama)

  • Personal knowledge from issuing agent that the customer is a resident of the state of Alabama (noted on the license and initialed by the issuer)

How do I get a copy of the Alabama Game and Fish regulations?

Write or call:
State of Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
64 North Union Street
P.O. Box 301456
Montgomery, AL 36130-1456
Phone: (334) 242-3673