The Lauderdale County Revenue Commissioner's Office is responsible for the assessment of both Real (land and buildings) and Business Personal Property (furniture, machinery, equipment) for all of Lauderdale County, Alabama.  The assessment period for both types of property begins on Oct. 1 and ends on Dec. 31.

The Revenue Commissioner's office is responsible for the collection of taxes on all previously assessed Real and Business Personal Property. Taxes are collected each year beginning Oct. 1 and are delinquent after Dec. 31.

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The Revenue Commissioner's Office is divided into three main departments.

Collections:  Handles the collection of taxes.

The Collection Department is responsible for the collection of taxes on all property Real and Personal assessed in Lauderdale County.  It is also the duty of the Collection Department to issue Manufactured Home Decals.

Assessment:  Handles the assessing of Real Property.

Appraisal/Mapping:  Handles the valuation of Real Property and the assessment and valuation of Business Personal Property. The Mapping section handles the mapping of Real Property for tax purposes.

The Appraisal/Mapping Department is divided into three sections.

  • Real Property Appraisal is responsible for the valuation of land and improvements (houses, buildings, barns and pools) that are permanently attached to the land.

  • Business Personal Property is responsible for the assessment and valuation of business personal property (machinery, furniture, fixtures and equipment) used in the operation of a business.

  • The Mapping Department is responsible for the maintenance of a visual record, in the form of maps, of the ownership of property for tax purposes in Lauderdale County.