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Driver's License Information:

Every Alabama resident who operates any motor vehicle must have a valid driver's license. All applicants who have not been licensed in Alabama or whose Alabama license has been expired for over one year must pass the required driver's examination given by the Alabama Department of Public Safety. Application should be made in your county of residence. Study guides for the auto and boat driver's examination are available and can be picked up in person at any Lauderdale County License Commissioner's Office or Alabama Department of Public Safety location. (Study guides will not be mailed.)  Information involving boating licenses can also be obtained from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources - Marine Police.

The Lauderdale County License Commissioner's Office issues the driver's license after the Alabama Department of Public Safety certifies that you know the rules of the road or waterways through testing.   The driver's license manual may be viewed at  See information below for testing locations.

Your driver's license must be renewed every four years. You may renew your license within 60 days of the expiration date on your current license. Renewals, lost licenses or changes to existing licenses may be processed at the Lauderdale County Courthouse.


Class A Commercial License - CD $66.25
Class B Commercial License - CDL $56.25
Class C Commercial License - CDL $36.25
Class D (Regular 4 year Operator License) $36.25
Motorcycle License $36.25
Learner's License $36.25
Duplicate License (first & second) $31.25
Class V $36.25

Frequently Asked Questions Pertaining to Driver's Licenses:

Do I need to bring any documentation other than my original driver's license to get a duplicate license?

Yes. If your license is lost, destroyed or becomes illegible, but has not yet expired, you should apply for a duplicate license. You will be asked to furnish acceptable identification in the form of one of the following documents:

  • Social Security Card

  • Certified Birth Certificate

  • Active, retired, reserve or dependent military ID card Passport

  • Certificate of United States Citizenship (Form N-560)

  • Certificate of Naturalization (Form N-570)

  • Certificate of birth issued by State Department (Form FS-545)

  • U.S. Citizens born abroad (Form DS-1350)

  • Marriage License

  • Divorce papers

  • Adoption papers

  • Original DD-214 Military discharge

  • Court-ordered name change

For applicants age 15 to 19 one of the following is required:

  • High school diploma

  • Certificate of graduation from high school

  • GED certificate

  • Certified Form DL1/93 student enrollment/exclusion status (forms available at secondary schools and driver's license offices)

NOTE: Xerox and FAX copies are not acceptable. You may be required to furnish additional documents to support your claim of identity.

Where is driver's testing done?

All field testing for obtaining a driver's license is given at the Alabama State Trooper's Post in Sheffield, located at: 

  • 4500 Hatch Blvd.
    Sheffield, AL
    (256) 383-2923

How do I get a non-driver's ID card?

A citizen of Alabama may apply for a non-driver Identification card at any location where driver testing is done. The same degree of proof of identification required of applicants for a driver's license is required for non-driver ID cards. Identification cards are issued to applicants who do not physically qualify for a driver's license, do not have a current driver's license, or who wish to discontinue driving and surrender their driver's license.

The non-driver identification card bears a number, as well as name, date of birth, address, description of holder, and a color photo of the holder. The fee for the non-expiring identification card is $20.00.